SPRING CLEANING Day Three: Kitchen & Bathroom

Most kitchen and bath accessories are not sell or donate material, so most of the work today will be scrapping and scrubbing, and I'm not especially fond of the latter.  Ideally I'll take a more "administrative" role on this task.  I'm happy to make a list of my grievances... and I'm happy to let Adam know when he's missed a spot.  I have no shame.

Tonight you'll need:
- Cleaning supplies
- Your SELL & DONATE boxes (or new ones if you filled them up yesterday!)
- A willing partner

Step One: Tell your boyfriend to clean.  At least a once-over.

Extra Credit: 
- Bleach grout.
- Launder shower curtains.
- Clean shower head to remove mineral deposits.
- Wipe down walls & ceilings (removing potential mold & mildew in the bathroom, grease in the kitchen).
- Clean behind the fridge.
- Run self-cleaning oven, or use oven cleaner.
- Scrub under burners.
- New box of baking soda in refrigerator.

Step Two: PURGE.  Here are a few items to review carefully:
- Old towels.  If they're old and scratchy, use them to wash your car instead of your body.
- Cosmetics.  They expire!  If it has sparkles or smells like bubblegum, chances are you've had it too long.
- Medications.  These expire also!
- Utensils.  Especially melted spatulas.  (oops.)
- Chipped or non-matching dishes.
- Stained tupperware.
- Spices.  Yep, these expire too.
- The entire contents of your fridge & freezer.  Toss, toss, toss!
- Your pantry.  DONATE non-perishables that you don't think you'll use soon.
- Tacky plastic cups and water bottles.  DONATE!
- Novelty appliances.  When did you last use your electric can-opener?  Magic Bullet?  This thing?  Put em' in the SELL box!

Step Three: Make yourself a treat in your newly neat kitchen, take a bubble bath in your sparkling bathroom. You've survived another night!

I did SO well in my editing that I made room for something new...

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