The One That Got Away

I found the perfect green velvet chair for $30 on Craig's List...

Envision it with a limed wood trim and a ruffly pillow.

And I missed it!  Nooooooooooo!


Pretty in Pink

Those of you who live with men know that decorating for two can be a challenge. By "a challenge" I mean, this is not going to happen in my house as long as Adam is living there too:

Photo Courtesy of Traditional Home Magazine
Bedroom Design by Dee Elms & Andrew Terrat

'Pale pink with a canopy bed," calls to mind a spoiled 5-year-old's princess bedroom, but this is no such thing. Beneath the candy colors, this room is all sophistication. Textural finishes, graphic black lines... and I love how the opening peony references the ikat pillow!

I've already pushed my luck enough with lavender walls and floral bath towels. But maybe I could sneak some of these into the house?

Molly Hatch Ceramics at Lola, from my iPhone
Photo Courtesy of Molly Hatch on Etsy

Isn't that uncanny? The sweet pastel pink, fresh green, touches of orange, and of course the crisp black outlines. These illustrated ceramic pieces by Molly Hatch have me smitten. Perhaps the boyfriend could bring home a bouquet of springy tea cups?


Life at the WarLock House

Another mellow morning in Berkeley. It's gray and chilly today, so I'm lingering over a second cup of hot tea before I venture outside. This afternoon's errands will have me zig-zagging all over town, so I'm sipping extra slowly...

Tildy is savoring some quiet time as well, lounging on her favorite chair in my newly-lavender dining nook.

Poor Matilda. Her moments of peace are always brief thanks to the pesky new kitten.


Tip of the Hat

My dear friend Ann sent me the link to this top hat wine cooler this weekend. Oh Ann, you know me so well. Wouldn't this be a cheeky way to showcase the cheap bubbly at our next soiree?

Top Hat Wine Cooler from Watts London

I decided to search for a silver chapeau to top off my bar tray. Turns out there's a hat to fit everyone (though the one that fits my budget might be plastic).

Top Hat Ice Bucket from Graham and Greene

Will you check out this jaunty number? Very dapper, but probably a little overdressed for our scene.
Silverplate Top Hat Champagne Bucket from Ellen Ward Scarborough Antiques, 1stdibs


Here & Now: Blooms & Improvements

My Berkeley apartment is edging closer to becoming an "after!" Soft grey walls, handsome nailhead curtains, wood tie-backs... and a "no-reason-at-all" bouquet of peonies from my thoughtful boyfriend.

Aren't those flowers incredible? It'll be lovely to have those enormous pom-poms cheering me on as I tackle another painting project this weekend! Happy Friday!


Clean Aesthetic

I'm big on aesthetics (I suppose you may have noticed that, what with this being a design blog). I'll even admit that I sometimes push it too far. Sometimes I spend $3.00 on a soda just because it says "Curiosity" on the label in a font I find appealing. Sometimes I put humble household products into fancy glass bottles (even though they came in perfectly serviceable plastic containers).

And then, sometimes these odd obsessions converge.

My new dish soap dispenser.



Meet our new little boy, Phineas WarLock!

 Adorable, from the tips of his tufted ears to his tiny brown toes.

Adam and I had been talking about a second cat for quite a while now, thinking that our Matilda might be a much happier girl (and might get into less mischief) if she had a feline companion. We thought right! After just a day of stalking and sulking, Tildy has discovered that her new baby brother is an excellent playmate! We're so happy that the cats will be able to entertain each other when I start leaving for work during the day (soon!).

When not pestering his sis, our stripy scamp enjoys galloping around the house, using Adam as a jungle gym, and being a snuggly little mama's boy (and that's just fine by me).

12 legs and a tail- Phinney loves octopus! We're going to have to sneak it away from him to get it in the mail...

I'm sure Phineas will be making regular appearances on the blog. After all, he's a pretty handsome addition to our decor!


A Little Something for the Girls

Matilda is really missing her mini-wire-haired-doxie friends, Ella & Paige. She sent me on an errand to George on 4th Street to pick them up a special present.

I came home with this.
He's got a squeaker for Paige, and eight legs for Ellie to tug. 

Tildy and I think he's tremendous. Hope the puppies agree!


Divine Inspiration



The Primula Dress from Anthropologie

Ooh, that dress makes my heart sing.


Happy Friday, RIP Camera

In my mind, blogging requires only a few basic materials. Ideas, camera, computer with internet connection. It seems like my poor bloggy has been wobbling for the last few months- the iffy internet during my move, a bout of severe writer's block, and now... no camera.

This weekend I'm using my handy-dandy iPod to shoot a few videos around the house of War-Lock. Perhaps a tour of my newly painted living room or neatly organized closet? Exciting, right?

Until then, here's what's inspiring me...

Victoria's industrial-chic herb garden
Image Courtesy of sfgirlbybay

This. (No more explanation required.)
Image Courtesy of ethanollie via simple blueprint

And the very last snaps taken with my defunct camera at the Ace Hotel in Portland
Images "Courtesy" of Deceased Camera

Until Monday,



Welcome Home, Me

We're back in the East Bay after the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen and a reunion with the friends that I love most. I'm going to spend the day reliving the week's mischief and trying to ignore the pang of each mile now between us. Since I'm tearing up as I write this, I guess I'm not really succeeding with that last part. Becca and Matt, could you please renew your vows soon?

Looking on the bright side, it was nice to come home and find my very tiny garden blooming.
And greeting me with a smile.