Did you think I was going to let myself off so easy?  I promised design solutions, and by george, I will deliver!

Here are three fun wood-paper-hardware combinations for your Craig's List projects:

Natural Wonders

Paint isn't the only way to add color to wood.  Stains can be tinted to any color of your choice, and Minwax has a great variety premixed (ask for assistance in the paint section of your home improvement store- they can guide you to the right blend for your wood species and give you tips for application).  This thin lavender-hued stain is so soft it's almost a neutral.  Pair it with a feathered paper and jeweled knobs with old-fashioned backplates: you'll have your own cabinet of curiosities.  

Modern Romance

Who doesn't love a sleek, glossy black?  Orange and black is daring- but the delicate script on this paper is as lovely as it gets.  Shiny looped pulls have a contemporary chrome finish, but their shape mimics the curves of the love letter paper.

Candy Countess

Traditional elements needn't be boring.  Thoroughly saturated mahogany is luxurious, and would look incredible under a glassy finish.  Pink and gold marbled paper mixes an old technique with a modern palette.  Last, but not least, this coral pink cabochon knob is the perfect finishing touch- like heirloom jewelry.

Duties filled, I'm clocking out!  Goodnight!