Treasure Hunting in Fremont

This weekend I was totally engrossed in a re-design of sorts in my apartment.  I framed pictures, installed shelving, completely reversed the contents of two closets, and cleaned as I went.  I swear, there was a point behind all of this nonsense.  Anyway, since I was quite buried in work, I err... skipped this week's CL room design.  Shame on me.  Don't cry though: I'll give you lots of pretty pictures to look at instead.  

Today, we tour Fremont, a Seattle neighborhood brimming with little independent shops and eateries.  To me, Fremont is the epitome of Seattle culture- it's where the socks+sandals granolas graze on New-Age Vegan food and the Starbucks-sipping yuppies browse the wares of local jewelry designers.  We spend a great deal of time in this neighborhood, as Adam works there, and we recently became members of a rather fancy-pants gym on the canal. (Let me tell you- my wallet is feeling the burn!)

It's downhill from here...

Since relocating to Seattle, Adam and I have officially re-joined the ranks of caffeine fiends (caffiends?).  One our favorite spots is the Fremont Coffee Company, tucked in an old house with a maze of study nooks.  The place is always buzzing with comfort noises- beans grinding, soft music, pages rustling.  If it's comfort food you're after, try their famous grilled cheese... 

Oh, the melty goodness.

Fremont is also a wonderful place for searching out vintage finds.  Every Sunday 34th Avenue transforms into the Fremont Flea Market, packed with oddities and equally odd customers.  The market is ideal if you enjoy rummaging through bins of old printing blocks, watch parts, and beads- and I do!

Another of my favorite weekend hunting grounds is Deluxe Junk...

This is the place to go for frames, lamps, and antique globes.

The interior itself is an inspiration- the ceilings are painted sky blue with clouds.

I always make time to peruse the Fremont Vintage Mall.  Though it offers mainly MCM, clothing, and music, every once in a while I find a real gem...  

This hanging terrarium reminds me of the one in the cabinet of curiosities I featured last week.  The blue-gray vase is one of a set that I've been admiring for several months- hovering just out of my budget!

After a long day of scavenging, Adam and I revive ourselves at Brouwer's.  I love the look- dark and cavernous, and Adam loves the beer list- it reads like a novel!  If you're not a beer aficionado, just pick one with a funny name!

For Adam, something as dark as his soul.  For me, Frambois: sweet as ambrosia and so pretty!

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