Dining Finely

*Sigh*  This was supposed to have been a weekend post, but last night I succumbed to exhaustion... after an emotionally draining installment of Little Dorrit.  Oh, Mr. Clennam!

AT recently delved into the topic of coffee table dining , and I was intrigued to find that most who responded had embraced this habit.  I admit that I occasionally forgo my table for the comfort of my sofa and the company of the television, but I can't imagine making this a daily custom.  Dining at a real table can make a civilized meal out of anything- even ramen noodles or left-over pizza.  Don't we all crave a little luxury in our day?

Why not make eating in feel more like dining out?

Love the ambiance... What's on the menu?

This Antique Claw-Foot Table took my breath away.  I love the fiery woodgrain and Medieval creature feet!  And it's solid.  Like, pass it on to your grandkids solid.  Don't cringe at the $500 price tag, this is an investment.  Plus, it will grow with you- it comes with several leaves.  I'd also recup some of the expense by selling the four chairs that come with it, because dining sets don't ever thrill me.  Replace them with...

Nontraditional Green Slipper Chairs.  These are an unusual choice, but I think their high curving backs complement the round table.  Plus, we've already established that I cannot resist mossy green velvet, even at $250 each. Imagine sinking into that plush seat with a glass of wine.  Just try to tell me that doesn't beat the floor in front of your coffee table.

This Leafy Metallic Chandelier ($150) reminds me of the romantic lighting one of my favorite eateries, Madeleine's Patisserie in Spokane. It's equal parts delicate and tough with curling tendrils and patinated bronze.  

Accessories are like daily specials.  The glimmer of gold on this $18 White China Bud Vase caught my eye- it's a perfect match for the chandelier.  I'd also like to keep things interesting with these Whimsical Pheasant Salt & Pepper Shakers.  They're $30, but they're silver plated!

This is definitely my favorite post yet- if I had a grand at my disposal, I would be sorely tempted to redesign my apartment around these items!  I want my patron's opinions though- 5 stars, or is this in bad taste?

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