Do it Yourself: Side Table

I'll admit, I'm feeling a little worn down this week.  I was doing great with my Spring Cleaning, but now I'm cleaning on a deadline.  Apparently I have a guest arriving this weekend (and they may be a bit weirded out by the DONATE and SELL boxes currently dominating the living room).  Talk about motivation!  Ack!

Since I'm thoroughly Type A, this unexpected change of plans threw me into a funk and cost me a little bit of sleep (because clearly the laundry needed to be put away at midnight!)  

Even worse, I couldn't find the right fixer this morning.  I clicked on listing after listing without finding anything that was... not hideous.  I was quickly sinking into pathetic self-pity (OMG, my blog is a failure!).

And then...
A ray of light.

This funky $30 Mid-Century side table has a fantastic shape... but it's not in the best shape.  Looks like it's been moping around outside for quite some time, and it's a bit rough around the edges.  I have a feeling it would clean up nicely.  Meet me back here tomorrow, and we'll see if you agree!

Also, check back tonight for the latest installment of my SPRING CLEANING guide.  This time, you might want to arm yourself with a bucket and a mop... things could get messy.

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