Office Space

This weekend I'm getting down to business.  There's organizing to be done, bills to pay, tax forms to prepare and mail (blegh).  I've also been working hard on this week's room design.

1  I've been ogling this quirky $15 insect paperweight from See Jane Work for ages now.  I used it as the inspiration for this imaginary office- everything is useful but not utilitarian.  If your home office feels like a dreary cubicle, it's time for a merger with the rest of your house!

Love the beetles, I'll pass on the spider.

2 + 10  Even though it would mean a major furniture reorganization, I'm always taking applications for the perfect secretary desk.  This $195 Georgian secretary is prim and polished, with a place for everything.  The desktop flips down to create a larger workspace, the drawer is perfect for stashing your laptop when not in use, and there's plenty of shelf space to showcase your goods.  Because the doors have wire mesh instead of glass, it would be neat to use these gold binder clips ($3.99 at OfficeMax) to post memos and notes-to-self.  I would love to see this desk dressed for success- in warm gray paint with distressed edges, like so.

3  Typical office supplies bore me to death- it's hard to get excited about anything "manilla."  OfficeMax seems to have finally gotten a clue.  They recently introduced lines of revamped products that can help your home office feel a little more like home.  These moc-croc binders are only $8.99, and they definitely get you more bang for your buck.

4  This classic banker's lamp is totally money.  For only $20, it's a sound investment.

5  I love this stationery by Pink Loves Brown.  Love it.  Personalized cards are a luxury, but worth the expense ($20 - $51).  Better hurry though: Nicole Balch is closing up shop soon for her maternity leave (congrats Nicole!).

6  This $5 green marble napkin holder deserves a promotion- it would be great for holding your incoming mail.

7  A striped side chair for $125 redefines business casual.  So comfy it would be tempting to take a sick day.

8  When I found this gold plated wastepaper basket on Craig's List I totally cracked up.  It brings a totally new meaning to "one person's trash is another person's treasure!"  For $30, what the heck- you're the boss.

The butterflies... bahaha!

9  I like to have everything in its right place, but plastic storage is against my office policy. Vintage finds like this green planter ($18) are great for holding pens and pencils- they get the job done and look lovely.

For those of you crunching the numbers, our total expenses are... $471.98.  Questions?  Comments?