Dare to Dream: Wedding Bells

Lemme preface this post by saying:

No, I am not getting married, nor do I foresee this changing.  And no, there's no way I could squash my round self into one of these dresses.  This segment is called "Dare to Dream" for a reason!

I've found myself inspired by watching one too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress... plus I'm frickin' crazy excited that my lovely friend Becca is engaged!  I'm looking forward to following her progress on "Wedding Wednesdays," and I can't wait to see how she puts her original touches on the big event.  Ex-roomie, I better get a good seat (not behind your tall family).

In the mean time, I've been amusing myself (and horrifying my poor boyfriend) by creating a design book of wedding items that have caught my fancy.  What can I say... I have an overactive imagination.

It all starts with a ring.  
There's something particularly eye-catching about this fancy brown diamond in an Edwardian Setting.  
Yes, I think I could flash this around quite smugly.

I envision a Fall wedding, surrounded by black dahlias and flickering candles.
I adore Seattle in Autumn- crisp and glowing.  Beautiful image courtesy of Only This on Flickr.

There's something about deep purple dahlias that makes my heart pound.  Photo by lulufrufru.

  And the dress?  *Sigh*  Something utterly Marianne Dashwood.

6 Have Spoken.:

Kalin said...

if your wedding planning involves "baby what beer will be serve" boyfriends are far better helpers.
we're getting laurelwood free range red, and full sail sessions. this has been planned for a long time.

Becca said...

I'm so scared of dress shopping. It's going to be ridiculous. I'm so afraid nothing's going to be long enough, or that I'll fall in love with something that's too expensive or can't be made long enough.

We may not know anything else about the wedding yet, but I do know that I'm wearing 3 inch heels.

ShockTheBourgeois said...

Oh Becca. It may make dress shopping a tiny bit harder if you're going to be 3 inches taller. Haha. You could start a new fashion by tacking a strip of different fabric to the hem? Or... wear a tea-length dress? (Though I don't understand the short dress thing myself. Isn't a wedding the only time most women get to wear a long amazing dress?)

Anyway. Maybe you should just look into having a dress made? I believe that's what my Mom did- and hers was incredible.

Anonymous said...

Dare "boyfriend"'s mom post a comment about today's blog? Hope I'm included when you're ready to make your wedding plans...

ShockTheBourgeois said...

Haha! Gosh, I just hope I'll have wedding plans to make one of these days.

If Adam wasn't mortified before, he certainly is now!

Anonymous said...

I think we've been living the same wedding fantasy down to the flickering candles. Beautiful!