I Might be Cursed.

Hello friends, I apologize for my neglect!  My follow-up to this week's Wednesday Fixer has been postponed due to a little "family emergency." 

Last night our fish tank had a melt-down (literally).  This led to a fishie evacuation and relocation to a new tank. Thankfully no lives were lost, and the fish seem to be enjoying their swanky new digs.  I actually had a creative moment and decided to glam things up for them a little bit (check back tonight for pictures!)

By the time our humanitarian (fish-tarian?  I don't even know what I'm talking about here) efforts were finally over, it was quite late.  We wearied volunteers had just settled in for a peaceful slumber when... Matilda elected to be sick all over the freshly cleaned carpet. I am choosing to believe that her illness was completely unrelated to the fish tank. Total coincidence.  For sure.

Today things aren't going much better. I found aquarium snails in my bathtub this morning, which was a little disconcerting.  Then, when I got to work, I found that some mommy spider had chosen my desk as the place to lay her eggs.  And they had hatched.  And they are everywhere.  As I type I'm watching two march determinedly towards me (have I mentioned that I have an itsy-bitsy spider problem?).  

I'm not sure who I ticked off, but I could be in a little trouble here.

Medieval illuminated manuscript depicting the plagues of Egypt.

Wish me luck.  If I make it through the day, you got two posts coming atcha tonight!

1 Have Spoken.:

Ann said...

Eeeeek! That's all I've got to say about that! Time to start sacrificing things to influential gods?

Also: fish are incredibly resilient. On Christmas Eve, the power went out in my apartment building (and all of downtown Spokane) for almost 9 hours and it was 20ish degrees outside... but the saltwater tank I was taking care of was fine. Everybody lived. I was surprised, because let's just say that I pussed out after a few hours and went to invade Aaron's flat up on the South Hill to keep warm!