Finally Fixed

I often find myself admiring the inventive shapes of Mid-Century Modern furniture- but I struggle with ways to integrate it into my traditional household.  I typically favor deep blacks and weathered grays, but MCM is typically yellow and orange.  I think the best way to create an eclectic style is to maintain a consistent finish.

The orangey color of this table would clash terribly.

The solution is quite simple.  Since this table has little of its original finish left, sand the rest off and use a purple-gray milk paint as a glaze.  Thin milk paint allows some of the original wood to show through, giving the table warmth while tempering the gold tones.  Allowing the paint to settle more thickly in the tabletop's grooves will give it more depth and character. 

Decorating with quirky traditional pieces will help this modern table acclimate.  A stack of books always makes a house looked lived-in.  Bright flowers are sweet when clustered in a patisserie tea-cup (image courtesy of the late Domino Magazine), and the bird's nest lamp is a charming Craig's List discovery for only $39.

I've subdued the color... but not the style!

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