Girl Around Town: Art & Muse

This afternoon I went adventuring to Queen Anne to see a family friend's art displayed at Muse Coffee.

For a better look at Anita's work, check out her Etsy store
I'm dying to have a copy of her Architect's Alphabet...

I fell in love with Muse and its chic loft aesthetic. If only I had splurged on the converted factory loft apartment in Berkeley... then I too could have a wooden moose head, a pair of scribbly-note chandeliers, ornate hanging divider panels, and perhaps even a chair swinging from the rafters. Oh, for high ceilings and exposed brick!

Anyway, if you live on Queen Anne and your apartment sucks, I highly recommend that you indulge in the supremely rich espresso and equally flavorful decor at Muse!


Show & Tell: BYW Mood Board

Hello my lovely, patient readers! As you may have noticed, I've been here, there, and everywhere... except on my blog. I've been purchasing (more on that later), adventuring (more on that later), and learning from the great blogging masters: this winter I enrolled in Blogging Your Way, an e-class taught by the estimable Holly Becker of Decor8

Our latest assignment was to create a mood board. I was excited to break out my scissors and get clipping- until I remembered that my prodigious stash of snippets, magazines, and what-not was in another state. Drat! I started hunting through the odds and ends that I had on hand: the clipboard for my to-do list, some finds from my weekend jaunt through Pike Place Market with the delightful Maggie of Magchunk, a favorite necklace, a photo of my neurotic cat...

I was surprised (and for the sake of BYW, totally relieved) to see how beautiful it all looked when assembled. 

Voila. A mood board, and a glimpse at the aesthetic I'll be infusing into my new apartment and the new website for Shock the Bourgeois! (I told you we have a lot of catching up to do!)