That's right, it was looking so pathetic, I couldn't resist it.  

After all, the "plaques" on the top drawer are exactly the same shape as those on my vanity desk, but the shape of the dresser is much more simple.  It should be a good bridge between the scrolling frou-frou nonsense that is my vanity and the more angular lines of my Ikea Hemnes canopy bed (soon to be painted a soft gray, I might add).  Plus, it's the perfect size to act as both a dresser and bedside table- it's tall enough that I won't knock things off the top of it in my sleep (because apparently I have really active dreams).  To sum up: it fits right in.  I'd say this $30 purchase is wholly justified.  So there.

Anyway, I'm thrilled with it.  The wood is in pretty good condition, and it's quite structurally sound.  The knobs and pulls are utterly adorable, with little details and vintage patina.  I'm not positive that I'll keep them on the dresser, but if not they'll certainly be used elsewhere in the house.  Also, the legs weren't shown on the CL post- and they may be the best part!

So, now the fun part.  How can I dress up this dresser?

Bewitching Black.

I want this dresser to maintain it's antique-y character, but it will need to coordinate with my other furnishings.  Rather than ruin the wood to match my beachy grays, I'm going to ebonize with a black stain and then emphasize the grain with black patinating wax and a bit of liming wax.  I'll be lining the plaques and some other carved details with glossy black paint to give it a little more kick. 

I'd love to take a little inspiration from the always inspirational Knack and add some paper to the plaques.  But what paper?  I did a lot of searching today, but the perfect paper eludes me.  I'm looking for something subtle, but with a little color.  Maybe a vintage floral with a bit of gray?  

Anyone out there have an excellent source for decorative papers?  

No hurry though, as any plans I have must wait until the weather clears up a bit here (snow in April?  A-wha????).  But for now, I'd say the dresser has settled in pretty nicely... I'll post a picture tomorrow (gotta get my beauty sleep on now!).