Dare to Dream: Dining al Fresco

Today I'm delving into my image vaults to share a dining room that is SO gorgeous, it gives me chills.

San Francisco Decorator Showcase Dining Room by Steven Miller Design Studio

This is definitely an image that you have to look at twice.  What's going on here?  Is the paint peeling?  Where are those strange shadows coming from?

Actually, it's just a very subtle painted mural.  And I love it.  It's like looking at a pastoral scene through a gauzy curtain- the details are lost, but it retains that feeling of breezy calm.  It makes this already large room feel expansive, as if there are no walls at all.  You'll notice that they painted straight over the moldings on the walls. At first I was hesitant about this, but I think it's an interesting blend of nature and architecture, and it definitely adds to the shadow effect.  I can only imagine how this wall must look when actual shadows are cast upon it- candlelight would make it look positively alive.

The designers have done an incredible job of staging this dining room.  The tone-on-tone green/greige makes a soothing neutral backdrop for the stark white table and modern metallic tabletop elements.  The natural palette makes it possible to play with decor from many eras- and the quirky details (like those wonderful chair legs and the lavender candles) make the room impressive but not pretentious.

Hmmm... I'm pondering over ways to bring this look to my own dining room.  Painted panels framed in moldings?  A large canvas?  A paneled room divider?  

Any ideas?

P.S. For more images of this room, be sure to check out the Steven Miller Design Studio website...

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