Homely Bathroom Desperately Seeks Sexy Shower Curtain

Now that I've got my foot in the door with decorating my apartment in Berkeley, I'm rolling up sleeves for the next challenge: the bathroom. As far as out-of-the-box apartment bathrooms go, I suppose we lucked out. The floor is tile with little black glossy squares, which are rather appealing, and though the vanity and sink are cheap and unattractive, it will be easy enough to draw attention away from them with decor. The ugliest things about the bathroom are removable- a completely bizarre plastic light fixture, rusty towel bars, and a dilapidated medicine cabinet.

The focal point of the room will be shower curtain. It's the largest thing in the tiny space, and it will be drawn closed most of the time in order to conceal the 80's-era-beast-of-a-shower.

Sadly, the zebra-print shower curtain that I featured in my former apartment has been retired (after its experimental use as a climbing wall by Miss Catty-wompus). It was time for a change anyway.

I'm looking for something versatile enough to coordinate with my collection of towels (lavender, rich red floral, pale blue, deep purple, dark gray), washable, and made of fabric (not plastic). I'm not into modern color-block nonsense, and I am the only person in the world who doesn't drool over Marimekko (*bracing self for flood of hate mail*).

So far, I'm not terribly impressed. Most that I've found are either plain and boring, frighteningly kitschy, or targeted toward a very specific demographic (that last example, by the way, was in the "traditional" category). Apparently one must take up fly-fishing to find a shower curtain these days?

I have found a few options that might suffice. What do you think?

The Birch Forest curtain at Urban Outfitters initially caught my eye- it reminded me of the Woods Wallpaper I'm dying for. However, the trees don't really look as nice up close, and that's what counts in a little bathroom!

I'm not sure that this is a curtain for all seasons- is it too trendy?

My lovely friend Ann pointed me in the right direction with the Wallflower pattern at Sin In Linen (and that is a new source for me!). I love the pattern, and I think it would be a good match for most of my towels. However, I haven't had great luck washing black and white shower curtains... and I'm not sure how good this one would look if it faded to gray.

I might choose this one just for the name!

The front runner is the Bustled Shower Curtain from Anthropologie. The only things stopping me from picking one up immediately is the color (cream, not white) and the price (yikes). Despite my reservations, it's one helluva shower curtain.

A good match for all of my bath decor, with a very romantic shape.

I love how the sweet crochet lace looks when tempered with dark colors.

I feel like I've exhausted my resources- anyone else have a good recommendation?

5 Have Spoken.:

Ann Foreyt said...

How about this one? And, while in the Anthropologie price range, this site has some pretty things.

And I love Sin in Linen. I've gotten some nice stuff from there.

Jenn from The Home Decorating Company said...

The Anthropologie curtain is to die for. The flowing shape and soft color is so romantic.

ShockTheBourgeois said...

Ann, you are the helpful-est! I'm literally gushing over the sparrow curtain, and grumping that it's so pastel. Adam would kill me :)

Excellent tip on India Rose. I'm off to drain my bank account...

philippines homes said...

Great design of this shower curtain. This for for my new home in Philippines. Thanks

Deirdre G

Anna Marie said...

wow, that bustled shower curtain is amaazzing...