A Curious Case

This week's fixer has been languishing on Craig's List for quite some time now.  It keeps popping up in my searches day after day, and I'm beginning to feel a bit sorry for it.

It feels so empty without you!

I can't look at this thing without imagining it filled with cherub figurines and other horrid porcelain tchotchkes (and I can't believe I spelled that correctly on the first try!).  I'm picturing it in the cluttered house of some 96-year-old spinster, covered in a layer of dust and cat hair.  It screams, "I died alone and was eaten by my own 12 cats."

That's... not really the vibe I'm going for with my decor.

But let's pretend I'm a real do-gooder, that I dished out the $40 and brought it home.  Let's just see what I can do.

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