The phrase "Spring Cleaning" has always made me cringe.  I loathe cleaning.  The idea of some sort of cleaning extravaganza just when the weather is getting nice sounds about as fun as a bleach+ammonia cocktail.  I'll pass, thanks.  In the immortal words of Mole, "Bother!" "O blow!" and also "hang spring-cleaning!"

Mole of Kenneth Grahame's Wind in the Willows
Illustration by John Worsley

However, this isn't the dark ages: Spring Cleaning needn't be a major production.  Most of us clean continuously (or sporadically, I don't judge).  Since we're not dealing with a year's accumulation of filth, I say we cast off our rubber gloves and redefine this seasonal ritual.  If you ask me, Spring Cleaning is the best time to deal with our accumulation of JUNK.

SO!  Let's get started. 

- Two large cardboard boxes
- One black marker

Step One: Write "SELL" on one box, and "DONATE" on the other.  Write in big, obnoxious letters.

Step Two: Place both boxes in a conspicuous location, preferably where you cannot avoid reading their bossy imperatives.

Step Three: Step back and survey your handiwork proudly.  Such bold handwriting!  

Step Four: Get your pajamas on, claim your spot on the couch, and snuggle up for this week's new episode of House.  Seriously, you deserve a break.  After all, the hardest part is over: you got started!

3 Have Spoken.:

Ann said...

House tonight -- FTW?!

ShockTheBourgeois said...

Frickin' A, what the *&%$%??? I am floored by that episode. I wish I had cleaned instead!

Ann said...

Jaw. On. Floor. I love(d) Kutner!