Girl About Town: Sunny Sunday

We woke up and knew spring was waiting for us.  Our walk to the bakery was especially pleasant- in short sleeves!

The Boulangerie, celebrating it's 30th year in Wallingford.

Decisions, decisions.

Our favorites: ham & cheese croissant + glorious apricot danish.  Mmmm.

Ooh-ing and ahhh-ing over shimmery hydrangea-colored gowns in the window at I Do bridal.  
(Well, I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing.  Someone else was rolling his eyes a bit.)

Paper Delights, living up to its name.  Makes me wish for a pen-pal.

Finding some local color- pink cherry trees in Greenwood.

Adam having a moment of bliss under blue skies.

Browsing the new arrivals at Antika


The selection at Ken's Market- I wanted to pick them all!

Scavenging at Magus in the U District (and lusting after an Everyman's Library deluxe Henry James collection).

Enjoying the city's best teriyaki in my favorite dining room: UW's cherry-lined Quad.
We curled up against a mossy tree and people-watched.

I could have stayed there all night.

But we got back just in time for my favorite indulgence: Masterpiece Classics on PBS... the second part of "Little Dorrit."  *sigh*  The perfect day.

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