I have a special fondness for accent tables.  They are naturally suited for being "design ambassadors"- their small size allows them to represent a foreign style in your home without causing a major clash.  (Just last week we explored introducing a MCM side table into a traditional setting!)

However, due to overcrowding, I have solemnly sworn not to exceed the current population of accent tables- I shalt not add, only replace.  

Good thing I found a loophole.  If you don't have room for a table... call it an ottoman.

Representing ze Provincial French, Monsieur Ottoman

Did you recognize it?  The frame of this side table had a very elegant shape, but wasn't really a table at all without the top!  Rather than simply replacing, why not repurpose?  You'll only need a circular piece of plywood (cut to fit), your choice of fabric (I'd go with a bright green velvet or damask), a handful of buttons and thread, and a staple gun!  Because the finish was "shabby" (read: really really ugly), I also opted to give it a coat of always lovely black glossy paint.

What a practical piece of furniture this would be!  If you chose to put it in a living area, it could serve triple duty. It has a plush seat, a shelf for storage, and, with the addition of a cute serving tray (like so), it could get back to its roots as a table!

Personally, I'd love to see it in my bedroom, where it would mingle quite nicely with its compatriot vanity desk. $15?  C'est possible...

2 Have Spoken.:

Laura said...

This is so adorable! I would never have thought of adding a tufted top, but it works fantastically.

ShockTheBourgeois said...

Thanks so much!

I'm currently fighting the urge to tuft everything in my house. Must... tuft... everything!

Of course, I figure that this trend will eventually pass. An ottoman is a great way to nod to an obsession without making my house into a marshmallow-y nightmare. I'm on the hunt for a similar table so I can do this project for real!