Happily Ever After

Two coats of glossy gothic black, three coats (and counting) of high shine polycrylic finish, Anthropologie knobs... 
and the crowning glory: a tri-fold mirror discovered on Craig's List.  

The desktop and each drawer interior is finished with black woodgrain wallpaper.

Clearly organized with acrylic drawer inserts from Storables.

Mismatched goblets keep cosmetics at hand... and add a bit of sparkle.

My beloved branch make-up mirror, vintage aluminum trays, and a delightfully bizarre brass fly.

Every girl deserves the royal treatment now and then...

Even Matilda.

3 Have Spoken.:

Anonymous said...

Just adore what you did with that desk. And the mirror was a perfect find for it. BTW, I love your branch mirror too. (I found your blog from AT) Like your style!

ShockTheBourgeois said...

Thanks very much!

I had a lot of luck in acquiring each mirror. The tri-fold mirror was snatched off of CL for only $75 (and an hour long drive...). The branch mirror was actually being used as a display piece in a gift shop in Spokane- I had to do a lot of flirting to talk the clerk into selling it to me!

Anonymous said...

I just bought the "old" version of this desk on CL and I am wanting to paint it black just like you did! How did you do it? What paint did you use? What did you use for the top? Please help point me in the right direction! Feel free to email me! mrs.rhianna@yahoo.com