Getting Existential, Hopefully Existing Through the Week

My fish, Guildenstern, is dead.

We named our pair of fish Rosencrantz & Guildenstern thinking it might be amusing when they inevitably went belly-up, but no, it was actually just disappointing and sad. Especially disappointing since I caught a rather satisfied glint in Matilda's eye at his funeral, which leads me to wonder if his death was due to natural causes... or if the feline assassin has struck again. 

Adam made me a chicken sandwich to make me feel better. But there was a bone hidden inside.

So, if Boy and Cat are in cahoots, I may not be safe in this house. If they don't kill me, work certainly will! Leeeeetle bit of stress at my 8 to 5 7 this week.

Aaaaaaand, I'm in the middle of a major project! Since Adam was off at Hoopfest last weekend, I tore apart our bedroom, made a trip to the Benjamin Moore mis-tint shelf, and turned my yellow Ikea Hemnes bed...

Well, "Sandlot Gray," to be exact.

I'm totally enamored with this color.

Adam needn't worry about emasculation or such nonsense- this pastel look is actually just the base coat. Next step is to apply a few streaky layers of tinted glaze in "Stardust," a few dashes of pale pearly gray, and a brown wax finish. Basically, I didn't get as much done last weekend as I'd hoped.  But it's not my fault~

Matilda didn't even raise a paw to help.

So, it's off to the purple bed for me- but I'm sleeping with one eye open in case the furry one tries to smother me.

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