Fixer: Collector's Edition

This week's Craig's List Fixer is dedicated to all you spoon fanatics out there (or spork fanatics, I don't judge).

A lovely Spoon Rack
Just the thing for displaying prized utensils, only $20, spoons not included.

For those of you not scouring the world eBay for commemorative gems like the 1920 Slesvig Lion & Castle Finial spoon or the (be still my heart!) Toronto Zoo Largemouth Bass spoon... how about we shake this thing up a bit, eh?

PS: To learn more about spoons, this guide is an excellent resource. Were you aware that a spoon's "main purposes are for conveying food to the mouth and for stirring, though it has a number of other uses?" The more you know...

4 Have Spoken.:

nicolette said...

I've seen people displaying silverware on bakers' racks, but a spoon rack is definitely unique. Perhaps this piece can be hanged on a wall?


ShockTheBourgeois said...


Spoon racks are actually a pretty common piece for people who collect silverware (like the funny commemorative spoons you see in tourist attraction gift shops). For instance, there are many available here: http://www.finehomedisplays.com/spoon_racks.asp

However, I figure most of us aren't spoon enthusiasts (I could be wrong!). Check in tomorrow- I'll show you a new way to use this cute little display.

Jess said...

I actually AM a spork enthusiast. I have a wonderful titanium spork that is just....dreamy. However, there is a limit on the number of sporks a person really needs. ;)

ShockTheBourgeois said...

Jess- bahaha! My Dad used to tell us that he invented the spork. Of course, he also claimed to have swam with Flipper. Lies! All lies!