Fixed: Because I'm Just that into Spoons

Yeah, spoons aren't really my thing. Here's an easy way to adapt this week's fixer to display your jewelry collection:
  • Paint or paper the interior.
  • Select a wire mesh, perforated metal, or piece of caning (simple mesh at your local hardware store, neat designs from McNichols or other online specialists), and have it cut to size.
  • Use small brass tacks or nails to secure it to the front of the spoon rack.
  • Hang up your favorite jewelry- using little brass s-hooks if necessary.
Like so...

Utility... but not for utensils.

This will work well for earrings, bracelets, pins, necklaces, hair accessories, scarves, you name it. A cheap way to showcase your expensive gems (like the sparkly things from Anthropologie that caught my eye- especially the Beams & Sparks bracelet and the Stormy Night earrings, *sigh*).

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