My Shockingly Domestic Life

Last night Adam and I took advantage of a warm evening and walked down the street to the Wallingford Farmer's Market. I find browsing the market incredibly satisfying, even when my pockets are empty and my refrigerator is already full (though that's a rare occurrence).

It's not about being a consumer. I really dislike the chore of grocery shopping: the chilly ammonia-scented air, maneuvering a wonky-wheeled cart through a maze of aisles, the necessary (and discouraging) price tag mathematics. When every brightly colored package is shouting its merits and every fruit is hot-house grown in the dead of winter, I am strangely compelled to buy really awful food!

There's something refreshingly honest about a local market- after all, they can only sell what is ripe and good! This week, the first of the strawberries and the last of the peonies. In a few weeks, heirloom tomatoes in wild colors... in a few months, bundles of enormous dahlias.

It's a treat for the senses- brushing dirt off of Washington potatoes, the smell of fresh-baked bread wafting in the open air, the anticipation of tasting the raspberries and Camembert you're bringing home... 

Plus, everything just LOOKS gorgeous.

So sorry to wax poetic, my patient readers- but I encourage you to seek out a farmer's market near you and see for yourself.  It's such a lovely way to connect with the subtle shift of seasons AND actually make eye contact (or conversation!) with members of your community.  With that, on to the decor segment of this post!

While Adam was busy cooking up the goat cheese & bell pepper ravioli he selected at the market, I set to work arranging my purchase- a massive bouquet of flowers (for only $5!).  I had so many that I was able to fill two vases.

One for my "office," where I spend so many hours blogging away...

I recommend placing flowers where you'll enjoy them most.

My desk, complete with ubiquitous (but beloved) iMac, red schtapler, and Design Bible.
I try to keep things lively with fun finds, like the glass flower frog for pens & pencils, or my collection of vintage frames (the largest of which is plastic, a road-side find that has been drastically improved with spray paint!)

A spray of indigo and white was saved for my dresser...

This arrangement made me a little nostalgic- I had a blue and white bedroom throughout my childhood.  

So I was inspired to make the bed up with a crisp set of sheets, and my favorite summer quilt (Matilda approved).

I searched out blue and gold items, and I'm rather enamored with the array. Do you like the change?

My apartment feels so bright and summery- even Tildy-Cat is stopping to smell the flowers!

Remember, I'm looking to wake up my wardrobe as well... and I need your help!

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Anonymous said...

I saw your comment on AT, so I thought I would see what you had done with your empty frames. I agree with you that I love the idea. People are AT can be so ridiculous. I think the frames above your desk look great. I like all of different shapes that you've chosen.