Blogger's Block

If you're reading this at 2:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday, I'm already 22 hours into my work week.  And I'm fading fast.

I swear- attempted a real post... but I gave up after my iMac and I stared blankly at each other for over an hour last night.  I got nothin.

So, let's peruse iPhoto and see what we can come up with.  Aha!  A theme!  Weekend activities that I never told you about!

Adam and I love to visit our favorite candy stores at U Village.
His is actually a candy store... mine is Anthropologie.  Yum!

We did the Ballard Art Walk and enjoyed several glasses of free wine the work of local artists with our friends Scott and Megan.
  I particularly loved this creative window display at Souvenir: the text is curled paper tape!
I'm still wish I'd bought the scalloped metal bowl- would've been a great catch-all.
I'd like to plan a whole nursery around this felted wool lamb + birdie mobile.  I am irrationally tempted to buy it and put it away.

My absolute favourite shop: Ballard's Lucca Great Finds
Possibly the most incredible atmosphere I've ever encountered: Lucca is exactly how I imagined Diagon Alley.  
It's all things mysterious and tantalizing.  I swear they bewitch me into buying...

Another necessary stop in Ballard- Tableau.
Adore this store.  They maintain an incredibly consistent aesthetic- the owner has a great eye and impeccable taste.  
Weathered wood, linen, a touch of whimsy... and a lovable shop dog!

The true story of how Liz met a literary hero and behaved fairly stupidly.
That's right, I met Jon Scieszka, author of fiendishly appealing tales and official Ambassador of Children's Literature (with a shiny medal to prove it).  Oh man, we're like best friends!
Oh, I love this city!

Last weekend- A picnic at Greenlake
We saw baby ducks, a row of turtles on a log, and hundreds of insufficiently clothed human specimens.  This day also marked the official beginning of summer: when Adam magically turned an attractive shade of bronze, and I became a shockingly pink nightmare.

I love Seattle!  I am foreseeing a summer full of activity... and I promise to be a faithful blogger (so all you Spokane folk can live vicariously through me *wink wink*).

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Amanda said...

Liz~ This is so cool! Your mom and and dad showed us today. You have THE BEST sense of style. Sam and John are buying a house and she may enlist your help searching for pieces... Keep it up! I'll follow now. Amanda