Dare to Dream: Playing Dress Up, Playing House

When I beg my family to nominate me for What Not to Wear, they roll their eyes- and I guess they have a point. I'm not exactly schlumping around in men's clothing or teva sandals with wool socks...

But I'm not making the best-dressed page either.  In the winter I adhere to a uniform of black turtleneck sweater + jeans, and in the summer I transition to a black ribbed tank.  Totally dressed to depress.  My fashion sense died the day I moved away from my female friends- and I've been in mourning attire ever since!  

So, I may be dreaming of a Stacey & Clinton-esque $5,000 rescue... but I'd be thrilled just to have a shopping buddy to help me spend my $150 allowance!  Readers, in my desperation, I turn to you!

Here's what I propose.  Comment with some links to clothing that will liven up my wardrobe (for under $150 total). In return, I'll do some personal shopping for YOU.  That's right!  Add a design dilemma to your comment: one lucky reader will get a whole post of solutions.  (See how I'm slyly encouraging some reader participation here?  See what I did there?)

Let's get those creative juices flowing, shall we?  

I have...
A lovely jewelry collection, sweet & sassy shoes, a couple great bags...

and a few key pieces, like this lilac-colored ruffled tank (also bought this and this), my vintage brocade skirt, and a sheer floral blouse.

I need pieces that are intricate & feminine, like so...
Totally romantic- definitely a change from stark black.
(Images from Anthropologie, Lucky Magazine)

Lend me a hand, friends- outfit me for summer, and I'll help you outfit your home.

5 Have Spoken.:

Becca said...

We should go shopping when I'm in town this weekend. I know that's not what you asked for, but I'd like to think it's better. Ha! :D

ShockTheBourgeois said...

THAT'S JUST WHAT I WANTED!! Oh man, now I'm so frickin' excited I can't even sit still.

Rachel said...

Well, I'm certainly one of the people who would roll her eyes, since I always saw you as hands-down one of the most best-dressed in my peer group. Maybe the bigger pond of Seattle has you feeling a bit more schlumpy, but come on! I'm willing to bet you're doing fine...

...but humor you I will, since of course being secure in what you're presenting to the world is half the battle, right? If I think about what your style strengths are, I guess I would have to say that you do basic pieces + fab accessories really well. Maybe your top and skirt/pants are solid colors and/or standard fabrics, but you're good at throwing in hot shoes or funky jewelery to liven things up. AND you've got a good eye for cool, more distinctive pieces, obviously, as you've listed them above.

Things that remind me of Liz:

Basic black summer dress. Wear it alone if you're in comfort-rut mode ('cause you're allowed sometimes), but it can be spiced up with cool accessories like bright colored flats, a funky wrist cuff, even a summer hat!

I like the feminine top idea and this one comes in pretty colors, and the flowers aren't TOO big (which I think would overwhelm, on you)

For a little more casual piece with a similar feel, I like this top, but NOT in beige for you. Maybe "breeze"

I know we're not exactly the same shape, but these pants fit me well, and every girl needs a pair of smart slacks for work. You could wear a pretty feminine shirt tucked in with a belt and still look commanding in these.

I also think you look nice in jewelery that has an almost antique feel, like this bracelet, which is too expensive but I'm sure you could find something of a similar feel at a thrift store.

CHEAP SHORTS! Muahaha... I know you love shorts.

Okay... I should get back to actual work now. I hope that's the kind of thing you were looking for! I'll post my own style woes in a separate comment.

Rachel said...

Oh crap, $150 total? Haha... I don't think I met that. OOPS!

Rachel said...

Rachel's design dilemma: BORING, UGLY BEDROOM

Ever since I moved into an apartment by myself, I've neglected my bedroom since I can bum around my living room and kitchen freely and without getting in anyone's way. As a consequence, the bedroom has become where I sleep and sort my laundry and not much else. Issues:

- no color scheme or design theme. I have a Van Gogh poster (blue and yellow standard colors) and an antique map poster, pretty white curtains with a silver rod, and that's about it in terms of anything "distinctive." Plain wood desk. Plain wood bookshelf. Plain wood dresser painted white. Wood closet doors. Oh, and a pretty table runner that I put over my bookcase that's sort of red and purple striped (not as funky as that sounds, I had it on the counter in my old apt, if you remember).

- white comforter sans cover. I need an affordable and pretty comforter cover that is full size and NOT full/queen. The excess fabric bugs the heck out of me.

- no nightstand (not to mention a crappy bed-to-wall arrangement) and I feel like that discourages nighttime reading which I love.

- I always stash my hamper deep in my closet and then it's hard to get too and my clothes always are overflowing... haha. I can't think of a better setup.

Ugh, I could ramble forever. Should I take pictures? Maybe I will.