It's All in the Details

Hello friends!  

I'm about half-way through burning the edges of my piratey picnic invitations, but I had to take a little break. What am I learning from this project?  First, that cardstock doesn't burn easily.  Second, that my thumbs don't take well to an hour of clicking a lighter.  And last, that I could be in danger of becoming some sort of crazy PTA party-planning mom when I grow up.  It may be unavoidable.

Anyway.  When I haven't been crafting corsair cards, I've been finding treasure in my own neighborhood.

The weather was just nice enough yesterday for Adam and I to enjoy our Sunday pastries at a favorite haunt... 

The entrance to the park- an arch, a winding path, an intricate shell & stone collage.

The park is lush and green in the summertime, with lots of knotty old trees for shade.


Wallingford is decked out in some of my favorite colors.  
LOVE that combination of pink and velvety black.

And then, on a whim, we decided to walk past one of my favorite houses in the neighborhood. You might not guess it- but it's actually an apartment building!  Dedicated landlord, eh?

I took this picture on an evening stroll last week.  
(I was just glad to see that someone else put twinkle lights up for the summer!)

I was excited to show you the sky blue porch ceilings.  
What a charming idea for Seattle, where our gray skies can be a deterrent for enjoying the outdoors!

As I was snapping pictures something caught my eye.  What an interesting stair rail...

Snake!  Snake!  Oooh, it's a snake!

So fantastic it just makes me shiver.  *whew!*  I wonder where one buys a serpentine handrail?

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