Making Arrangements

Another successful market outing last night- despite a bit of rain and some angry wind (vendors were making change with one hand and anchoring their tents with the other!). Because the skies were so murky, we gravitated towards the brightest and cheerfulest (my vocabulary is the bestest) summer colors. At least the inside of our apartment will be sunny!

Most of my $5 bouquet is tasked with invigorating my desk, hopefully motivating me to blog, blog, blog!

A sharp looking display, I must say.

I plucked out all the little red poppies and made a romantic vignette for my dresser. I have a modest collection of vintage costume jewelry, but I don't get to wear it frequently (a bit much for my business casual office). I love to look at it, so why not use it as decor?

I like to split bouquets into smaller groupings (did you notice?).
Less really can look like more- and multiple heights make an excellent "frame."

Adam spent his $5 on a gnarly bunch of gold and orange carrots, and proceeded to create the most vibrant and aromatic feast ever to have graced our table. Savory lamb with fresh rosemary, sweet onions and carrots, all served atop a mouthwatering carrot puree. (I'm writing this on my lunch break, and I am desperately wishing I'd had left-overs!)

Adam is a truly phenomenal cook. I suspect he misses being in the kitchen of Spokane's Zagat-Rated Milford's Fish House- so I try to give him lots of opportunities to show off at home! I've been wheedling with him to share his genius in a Shock the Bourgeois guest column. Would any of you be interested in a weekly recipe + tablescape post? Vote on your right! --->

Oh, for one more bite!

As far tablescapes go, I went the organic (read: easy) route. I loved the delicate, frothy look of the carrot tops- and it felt strange to toss them. I plopped them in a vase and used them as a centerpiece!

Carrots are the secret ingredient!

Off to lunch- back later for a tasteful improvement to this week's fixer...

2 Have Spoken.:

jessi said...

i love the use of carrot tops ! so smart and so lovely !

Elizabeth said...

Jessi... Thank you! The same trick works with all kinds of greenery, including fresh cooking herbs like cilantro and basil- beautiful AND fragrant :)