Let's Party, Me Hearties

Well, not so much partying for me this weekend- or blogging.  Whoops.

In fact, I've been working all weekend!  Our company picnic is just around the corner, and it's time to get invites in the mail.  Since the party planning committee (okay, me) decided to go with a piratical theme, it's also time to turn the boss...

(Who is also my DAD, incidentally)

Into Captain Burt

Ahoy!  It be time to cut loose!

Ah yes, nothing encourages coworker camaraderie like a Jack Sparrow-esque wig and a flintlock water pistol. Thank you, Archie McPhee!

So, mateys, that's the only before & after I've got for you this weekend.  Lots in the queue for this week- tomorrow I'll be sharing an amazing find from my own neighborhood... see you then!

1 Have Spoken.:

Rachel said...

Ahahaha... I've never met your dad, but now I know what I'll bring up if I do ;)

Didja get my email about bikes?