Cinderella Story... My First DIY Adventure

The fairy tale begins, once upon a time, in the sleepy town of Spokane, Washington.  There, in an empty house on a hill, an unemployed girl had little furniture and a LOT of time on her hands.  

She spotted this standard issue girl's room French Provincial number for $15 on Craig's List and, (goodness knows why)... fell in love with it.  She just knew that somewhere beneath that incredibly tacky cream and gold exterior was a perfect vanity desk.

Oy.  Where's a fairy godmother when you need one?

After an arduous journey (seriously- 45 minute drive) to rescue the desk, she waved her magic wand and...

Okay, not really.  Actually, she spent the next year painstakingly sanding, painting, finishing, touching up, papering, and accessorizing.  But tomorrow night, decked it out in gems, the desk will finally be ready to make its debut.

See you then!