Recipe for a Cheerful Bedroom

Adam and I briefly entertained the idea of moving (again).  Our list of grievances with our current apartment had grown enough that we thought there had to be something better out there.  We thought, "wouldn't it be pleasant to live in an apartment building, free from the nosy neighbor and the poor plumbing/heating/walls/carpet/you-name-it of this old house?"

We discovered that dropping an additional $400 per month would certainly get us privacy, water pressure, and, woo-hoo: an exercise facility... but we'd also lose the charm that our little bungalow has to offer.  In fact, in some cases, we would even lose (*gasp*) WINDOWS.  

I imagine that many renters are faced with the challenge of bringing life into their dreary shoebox bedrooms.  So, here's how I'd battle the bland (for under $1,000):

1 An Art-Deco Waterfall Nightstand is a classic that blends antiques and contemporary furnishings.  Who could resist those curves, especially at $40?

9 + 2 An $129 Almost-Matching Armoire maintains stylistic consistency in a small room, and provides much-needed storage for those of us with pitifully small closets.  A Fun, Swirly Knob for $6.95 is icing on the cake.

3 This $80 Blue Glass Lamp is glowing with personality.

4 + 12 A Huge Mirror with a gleaming gold frame will make your room feel ten times bigger and brighter for a mere $125.  Add a $20 Ikea Lack Shelf to create a vanity station if you don't have room for a desk.

5 A bold Ikat Throw Pillow is a great way to establish a color scheme and nod to a design trend... without breaking the bank at $24.95.

6 Luxurious & Shimmery Silk Drapes work even if you don't have a window.  Place them around your mirror to mimic a window, or use them to cover up a dreadful sliding door closet.  Impressively rich for $40, eh?

7 This Furry Rug should be the first thing your feet touch in the morning.  $75.  Ahhhhhh.

8 $40 for possibly the Cutest Vanity Stool ever?

10 A $5 Blue Glass Dish is a perfect catch-all for jewelry and change- and it matches that amazing lamp.

11 I'm a Craig's List devotee, but not for linens.  I love how these Pottery Barn Sheets ($89 for the set) mimic the gold circles of the armoire knob and vanity stool- and they're basic enough to mix and match.  

13 Invest $260 in a Brass Bed Frame- it's a better bet than Ikea for a comparable price.  Metallic and linear, it's a great counterpoint to the curves of the waterfall nightstand and armoire.

How does it all come together? How's this:

P.S. Erm, let's try to ignore the general shoddiness of this illustration.  Design sketch + Glass of water + OH-MY-GAWD = Well, we all learn from our mistakes.

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