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An ardent bibliophile, I support local libraries- especially the one in my own home!  My uh... "generous donations" have nearly doubled its size in the last year.

Those of us with a large collection and a small floor plan still need a place to showcase our masterpieces.  Blown your budget on books?  Never fear (it happens to the best of us).  Turn to Craig's List for these best-sellers:

1 + 10  Curved shelving instantly makes a room feel cozier- it makes a nook out of a sharp, empty corner.  Place a chair in the center of the arch and you will be literally surrounded by books.  The current faux birch wood look is about as cheap as the price ($200)- enriching with satin black will allow your tomes to set the tone.

2  You need a reading lamp, but don't be too literal.  A huge pearlized ceiling fixture ($50 for 2) provides plenty of ambient light and makes for an intimate space.

3  Low maintenance jade plants are quite prolific.  This seller was overrun with jade- I myself picked up dozens of little starts for a $4 "donation."

4  Bookshelves aren't just for books.  This $20 pitcher has an unusual shape, and the white ceramic will pop against black shelves and rows of reads.  

5 & 8 + 10  Perch a dramatic antique birdcage ($35) on the top of your bookcase, and place a smaller, matching birdcage ($20) amongst your books to create a Victorian theme. Chipped paint is giving this pair a seedy appearance- paint them in semi-gloss jewel tones to coordinate with your swanky new upholstery...

6  Crate & Barrel makes the best velvet pillows in the most gorgeous colors.  Paradise gained for only $32.95.

7 + 10  Ahh, the perfect reading chair.  Almost absurdly plush velvet, with a reclined back and a seat plenty wide for curling up in with a novel.  Heck, it's so comfortable, make it an epic.  it's in good shape for $125, but the orange-y wood legs are a little bit dull- modernize with black or white paint.

9 + 10  With curved shelving, bookends are definitely in order.  At $20 (or best offer), this pair will hold up your books and uphold your budget.  What a great scrolling shape- imagine them in bright, glossy white to match the other accessories.

10  Weren't we all taught not to judge a book by its cover?  Paint is the easiest (and cheapest) way to revise a lack-luster find, and a concise color scheme binds all genres of decor.  For a real deal, try mis-mixed buckets from your local paint retailer, or peruse left-overs on CL.

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Ann said...

I have 3 extra bird cages hanging out in my pantry. I need to do something with them. Perhaps paint them and use them as planters? I don't know. I'm not nearly as creative as you!

ShockTheBourgeois said...

Oooh, yay! Planters are a great idea- they'd look great with plant tendrils snaking through the bars.

I've been on the search for a birdcage with a round bottom. I want to paint and lacquer it, fit a mirror into the bottom, wire it up for an Edison bulb... and thus turn it into a lamp. Filling one up with candles would be a similar but less labor-intensive endeavor.

I'd even like to see a bunch of birdcages jumbled together for a sort of whimsical Anthropologie-esque display.

日月神教-任我行 said...