Things That Make Me... Hoppy?

I've had, for a while now, a leeetle obsession with bunnies.  The problem started when I read the book Marshmallow (winner of the 1943 Caldecott Medal).  It wasn't just the soft, delicate illustrations that captivated me- the story follows the friendship of a cat and a tiny baby bunny.  And it's not just a bedtime story: it was actually based on the author, Clare Turlay Newberry's own pets.

C'mon, how cute is that?

The owner of a desperately lonely little cat, I have since dreamed of bringing home her fuzzy best friend.
Matilda wants a honey bunny!

But, alas... I rent.

So, until I'm the mistress of my own domain, we'll settle for imaginary friends.  I snagged a set of four running bunny desert plates on sale at West Elm.  They look so cheeky dashing around amongst my traditional white place settings!

Sweet graphic impact!

The Bun-Bun necklace by Seattle jewelry designer Kimberly Baker has topped my wish list since I first spotted it in her Fremont shop.  It would look great nestled in with tougher jewelry.  *Sigh*  That certainly would put a little spring in my step... hint hint, eh boyfriend?

I'll keep batting my eyelashes for this one!

I nearly jumped out of my chair today when I discovered the Venucci website... and this charming trio.  I'm counting down days until they're back in stock- right in time for Easter.  They'd be a perfect centerpiece for Sunday brunch, but I'd keep them out year round!

So real you can practically see their noses twitching

Boy, oh boy, I could sure use some creature comfort right now... since my Bulldogs didn't do so well :(

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