My Mission Statement

So, it's a little awkward to write an introductory post for a blog that has... no readers.  



I'm Elizabeth. I'm quite young, quite thrifty, and yet... quite happy with my home.

Myself and Boyfriend, Adam

My friends and family have frequently asked me how I've managed to create such a decent-looking space (I'm being humble here) without going hungry or maxing out a credit card (I've done neither).  So, this blog is born.  I want to show you how to shock the hell out of the design snobs.  

A disclaimer: I am not a design professional.  Yet.  Apparently you have to have a license for that sort of thing.  Now's not really the time to give up gainful employment for more schooling- but I see no reason to put a passion on hold.  So, outside of my 9-to-5 I'm an avid do-it-your-selfer, sneaky eBay bid sniper, second-hand store scavenger, and most of all, a Craig's List addict.  

However, there's only so much design you can squash into a one-bedroom apartment.  Because neither my floor plan nor my wallet will allow me to snatch up every amazing find, I thought I'd share them with you.

So, every week I'll be posting an imaginary room furnished almost entirely with items from Craig's List.

The rule are as follows:
  • I will post a picture and link for every item I've picked out.  There are no guarantees that these links will not die- eventually or immediately.  That's the way it goes on Craig's List, folks.  I'm not advertising any one item.  The point is that there are MANY amazing pieces available.  So no whiny emails that my links are dead, I'll only respond rudely :)
  • I will only post items that I find in a one-week period, in one Craig's List region.
  • Okay, I admit it: not every item in the room will be from Craig's List.  CL is a marketplace for all things second-hand, and that usually excludes current trends.  I advocate buying things you LOVE- and I'll be throwing in items from my favorite stores, especially if they're on sale.  I also don't recommend purchasing things like... say... "mattresses" from Craig's List.  In fact, personal experience with this (don't judge) leads me to warn you against it most emphatically.
  • I will post the asking price for each item posted, as well as the grand total.  Remember, I'm not suggesting you drop $1,000 in a week- the idea is that a small income CAN allow you to refurbish piece by piece if you are careful.
  • I will, to help demonstrate how I've envisioned each room, enclose a small sketch with each post.  I'm not an artist, so let's be gentle, eh?
I'd also like to show you that I practice what I preach- so every week I'll be inviting you into my own home (uh, in pictures only) to show you how I've made the most out of a tight budget.

And because I'm fairly wordy (have you noticed?) I should have no problem posting once daily.  If I haven't, you have permission to harass me.  I work best under pressure.

So.  Let's get to blogging, shall we?