Something Old...

I love, love, love to fix things.  I am always taking pity on the weird, flawed things out there that require a little extra attention- my oddball cat, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer I'm test-driving tonight (fingers crossed!!), my dilapidated furnishings, my boyfriend... (heh heh, just kidding Adam).  

I seek out items that will be a challenge for me, and the process of fixing them up usually teaches me a new skill. Plus, the result is always so satisfying- there is nothing better than seeing your vision come to life.  Well, almost nothing: it is pretty damn satisfying to say nonchalantly to your shocked friends, "Oh, that desk?  I did it myself.

However, there are only so many needy things that a girl can rescue!

So, today I'm introducing another segment of my Craig's List project. 
I'll post a deserving "as-is" find from CL every Wednesday morning... and on Wednesday evening I'll show you my ideas for an extreme makeover.

Today's Wednesday Fixer is...

Kicked to the curb!

The seller lists this chair at $40 or best offer: it's inexpensive because it has a rip in the back (oops!).  This is definitely not a typical apartment dweller's chair.  I tend towards a more traditional aesthetic, but this is really pushing it, even for me!  It's a classic shape more commonly found with doilies on the arms at Grannie's house, and that's probably not the look most of us are going for.

So!  How will I make this very formal and forlorn chair compatible with our 21st century Ikea stylings?  See you tonight!

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The Hip Homemaker said...

This is a great idea! I'm so excited to see what your make-over looks like. Fabulous!

Anonymous said...