When I saw this kitchen (the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Month) on Apartment Therapy last night... I had a moment of truth.  My kitchen grail quest is finally over.

Can you hear the angels singing?

Those gleaming pots, the rustic wood, the frickin' glorious range... Wow.  Of course, that's not to say that I'd take it as-is.  Replace all of that white with mossy green and a soft velvety black?  Throw in some glossy red to match my prized mixer?  You've got a deal.

It's a Porsche for my kitchen... Shiny, sexy, and just listen to this baby purrrrr

Of course, Adam will be designing the kitchen in our future abode, so I suppose I ought to run this by him first.  I'm pretty domestic and I bake a mean apple pie, but he's the boss in the kitchen.  That's what you get when you hook up with an ex-chef... and I am perfectly okay with that (as long as he keeps cranking out his signature dishes according to my whims).  So, what do you think, boyfriend?  Could you whip up a pomegranate-glazed leg o' lamb here?

5 Have Spoken.:

Kalin said...

dearest lizzzzz
you need an apron for that kitchen.

ShockTheBourgeois said...

Oh Darling, this is why I need you in my life- I forget these little deails. Plus, you are the fashionable one, I'm only the homely wife!

Kalin said...

i have an apron that i sewed myself.
i think that was the point when my boyfriend's mom decided i would be a good wife for her son.
come visit and i'll sew you an apron.

Anonymous said...

I have that mixer! It is wonderful-beyond-wonderful. My kitchen isn't quite as snazzy, though. :-D

Apartment Therapy = most.addicting.website.EVER.

ShockTheBourgeois said...

Gawd, my kitchen is hardly functional. It's the one room that I will never post on this blog- it's an embarrasment. And, my landlord won't let me change ANYTHING.

AT... oh, AT. I'm a fairly frequent commenter and I always seem to be the one getting in little scuffles. Oh, the drama.