Linking it All Together

The hardest thing about living in a small apartment is the inevitable build-up of STUFF.  Too much clutter completely overwhelms an already tight space.  The rule of "less is more" doesn't apply only to objects- too many disparate patterns and colors only contribute tension.  If you feel stressed at home, it may be time to start editing.

If you're like me, and you love STUFF... getting rid of it can feel like shaving your head.  Heck, it might be refreshing when you're done, but no no no
However, maximizing your space doesn't have to mean going minimalist.  If you simply can't bear to part with your things, make sure they match.  Most of us have a handle on the concept of a color scheme- but have you thought about a pattern theme?  If you're already working with a harmonious color palette, find a couple patterns you like and repeat them (uh, within reason).  Subtle repetition (even in different scales or colors) helps the eye move around the room, unifying dissimilar items- and even blending in a little bit of clutter.

I recently wrote about a favorite find of mine- my pair of Chinoiserie lamps.  Since I've had them, their interlocking circle pattern has been catching my eye everywhere!

Pottery Barn recently used this pattern for a line of desktop items.  I picked out a bright red and white frame:

As modeled by Matilda and... Matilda.

These pierced ceramic candleholders were just a few dollars each at Target.  I usually use the larger one to keep remotes handy.  I love how the white one mimics my glowing lamps:

These look so neat when they flicker!

I spotted the perfect upholstery fabric and made pillows:

Now, that is style and comfort.

I'm still bummed that I missed out on the olive & bronze Andrea drapes at Ikea- but I'm watching them on eBay...

Count on Ikea to make it Mod!

Someday, I'd love to have a custom double wedding ring quilt made (though traditionally those are wedding presents- so I'm not holding my breath).  I envision one in very simple, tone-on-tone neutrals.

This could be the last piece in the puzzle!

As you can see, I sure do love my pretty things.  But, in the spirit of Spring Cleaning, I'll be sharing my tricks for weeding out excess stuff in a post later this week.  And- I promise to lead by example!  In the meantime, here's my motivator to get my act together.

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