Something New!

Have you all been on the edge of your seats?  Here's how I'd make this seat a little more... edgy.

First off, there are really only two options for furniture with a rip in the fabric- either you repair it by reupholstering it, or you ignore the problem by putting a slipcover on it.  I hate slipcovers.  Trust me, it's not going to have that "relaxed yet crisp" look- unless you've had it tailored specifically for your piece and you really, really enjoy ironing.  In most cases you end up with a look that says, "ohmygawd, what could be lurking beneath that wrinkly sheet??"

However, "reupholstering" sure does sound daunting.  With an upholstery project of my own looming (oh yes, friends- stay tuned), I've been reading up.  

It's true that large-scale upholstery is tricky, and probably better left to someone with some expertise (or a helluva lotta patience).  But, as proven by AT's DIY month, many projects can be completed with no sewing (so no pricked fingers and mumbled expletives).

And this velvety wingback?  Why fix what's not broken?  Instead of ripping the whole thing apart and starting from scratch, I suggest simply replacing the back panel.  Since the back panel is usually applied last, it can be removed without disturbing the rest of the fabric- and it can be reattached very simply with a staple & glue combo.

I don't know about the rest of you- but this concept opened my mind to a myriad of design possibilities.  A whole chair in a bright color or pattern could be an eyesore, but a fun fabric on just the back is flirty and unexpected.  I got so excited about these ideas, I could hardly narrow it down to three... and I can hardly resist snatching this chair up for myself!

Rockin' Retro

Warm brown is a subtle backdrop for a vibrant vintage floral.  Rich cranberry velvet on the back maintains the soft texture and matches the deepest color in the pillow.  Lines of tough, brassy studs temper the sweetness.  This is my personal favorite- so very me.

Sassy Modern

I've used the same concept here, but played it up with a more modern palette of raspberry pink and brown.  More is more with a delectable Amy Butler print + a simple Moroccan pattern, and the striped cording literally ties everything together.  Can't you see this surrounded by glossy white Ikea furnishings? 

Slinky Sophistication

And now for something completely different.  This is a great opportunity to use a rather non-traditional fabric- comfort isn't an issue with the back of a chair.  I went a little wild with this one, eh?  Reptile print looks rich in a complementary brown, and an art nouveau floral with a bit of gold is a rather posh accent.

With a make-over like this, nobody puts this baby in a corner.