A Tip for the Last-Minute Gift-Giver

Ah, December 23rd, the day when you realize that you have left your brother-in-law/dentist/dog-walker/favorite-Seattle-blogger off of your gift list. It is time for a gift on the fly, and the very thought of elbowing through hoards of panicked shoppers at the mall makes you hy-per-ven-ti-late...!

Take a deep breath.

The solution is right around the corner at your local market. Admit it, if you're behind on gifts, you're probably missing a few ingredients for your holiday feast as well (oh $#@*, need eggs for the pumpkin pie!). We're not suggesting that you give anyone day-old Santa-shaped cookies wrapped in a plastic grocery bag (in fact, having received this exact present before, we'd strongly discourage it). Supermarkets are stocked with incredible treats that you may have overlooked during the chore of weekly grocery shopping. We like to think of Christmas as the time to buy our loved ones the items that they couldn't justify buying for themselves. In more prosperous years, that might mean electronics or precious metals, but this rotten economy has made this a Christmas of simple pleasures. Wouldn't it feel special to receive the fancy olive oil or exotic imported salt that you always deny yourself?

As for us, getting a bottle of wine really lights us up (especially after we've opened it). If we're going to be living just a quick jaunt away from Wine Country, we've got to build up our cred. You know, "Ah yes, the '87. Oaky, but do I detect a faint aroma of cherries...?" Our budget is really putting our wine education on hold, so we'd much appreciate a bit o' primo vino. We aren't wine snobs yet though- you won't hurt our feelings if you buy us a crappy wine. We won't drink that swill, but we'll certainly unscrew the top and pour it into one of Adam's cooking concoctions!

Alcohol in gorgeous packaging is sure to please these bloggers. We'd probably leave the bottle on the shelf long after the last drop has been drunk.

This bottle has got us all wrapped up in its tantalizing tentacles. 
We may not know much about wine, but we do know that we should like a Syrah.

Photo Courtesy of Christopher Robbins, Cool Wine Labels Blog
These clever labels appeal to our devious natures, and the name certainly does the wine credit!

Photo Taken with Elizabeth's iPhone, Second Image & Wine by Francis Ford Coppola Winery

The great thing about food and wine is that it's easy to wrap. Gourmet tidbits look amazing piled in a basket, and wine boxes are fun to customize (or try a mailing tube!). Anyway, stop stressing over last minute gifts and remember that the fastest way to a friend's heart is through their stomach.

Wishing you a delicious holiday,

Adam & Elizabeth

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Marija @ Holding Court said...

Sadly I don't know a ton about wine but I am a big fan of the Coppola selections - I will definitely try the director's cut cab. But that's not why I'm writing - had to tell you I love your manicure. Tres luxe.

Hope you had a terrific holiday!

Elizabeth said...


Wine is a subject that takes a great deal of study to master- the problem is that it's hard to remember what you've learned if you've "studied" too much!

As for the manicure- thank you! I can't resist black polish :)

Hope your holidays were wonderful as well!

jaunty magpie said...

I agree with finding gifts in the grocery store! I received some beautiful salts for Christmas, plus a fresh thyme plant! I buy bagloads and boxfuls of goodies at Trader Joes and send them to my family -- an easy choice, since there are no TJs in Hawaii where they all live, and it's quite de rigeur to bring back omiyage (souvenirs/gifts) from Trader Joes these days.

日月神教-任我行 said...