It's a Wrap

I'm running a little behind today, so I'm going to postpone the third installment of Adam's Salmon Bisque Tutorial until tomorrow- many apologies to those of you craving soup!

You may be wondering why the blog has been a little quiet this week.  I've been having so much fun at my day job that I've been neglecting my hobby!  I've had the great pleasure of putting together my company's annual client and associate gift.

My task was to dress up a bottle of wine in a way that represents the company and celebrates the season.  Think of it as one part marketing to five parts good cheer. Here's what I came up with...

The wine boxes are from Paper Mart, an excellent online source for packaging materials. I worked with a local printer to have the company logo applied to each box in metallic silver ink. Each box is stuffed with shredded plans- much more attractive than multi-colored crinkle filler, and a great way to recycle! A trip to the hardware store produced hex nuts, flat washers, fishing line, notched washers, and mirror florets. These inexpensive materials are sparkly, but definitely relevant for a construction company! I strung them with beads to make simple gift tags into ornaments.

They resemble snowflakes, and each one is different!

After I wrap-up this task, it's on to the next: wrapping up my own Christmas gifts! I'm going to be using the same hardware for my own gifts, but I'll style them with a bit more festive whimsy. If you're bored of the same-old store-bought bow, I'd recommend you give this a try. It's a very approachable project (and you can use up all the extra parts and pieces in your junk drawer!).

Because I had to be a thrifty gifter this year, it's especially important to me to go all-out with extravagant packaging. Presentation is everything- and a gift doesn't have to cost a fortune to look like a million bucks.

Ah, I love wrapping gifts. It's my favorite part of Christmas! Don't suppose anyone has any extra presents I could decorate?

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alixrose said...

Its wonderful that you're so happy decorating gifts. I have a hard time doing it, in high school I did it part time and I wasnt any good. I think am just scarred. I need to get over that.
Love the detail in the gifts and yes presentation is very important.