Kitchen Chemist: Soup of the Day (or Week?)

Soup is easy to make, but difficult to make well. I sometimes give advice on how to fix mistakes, or how to emphasize the best qualities of a dish. Soup is merciless in that the flavor is far and away the most important aspect. It cannot be plated in a dramatic way, it pretty much conforms to the dish you serve it in. It cooks slowly and irreversibly. Once an ingredient is added, it cannot be taken away. A good soup takes hours to prepare, so if a mistake is made, the cook is essentially out of luck.

One of our favorite dishes is Smoked Salmon Bisque, a hearty and creamy concoction that I make from scratch during the fall and winter months. This is one seafood dish that even the seafood averse can enjoy, as there are no bones/skin/fish texture to deal with. When executed correctly, this bisque can serve as the highlight of a meal, or as a mind-blowing appetizer. You can't make too much, because it's even better reheated the next day. In fact, I made about two gallons just for myself. I doubt I'll have to cook (or blog) anything else all week.

For my Smoked Salmon Bisque you'll need:

12 ounces of Smoked Salmon
1/2 gallon of Milk
3 pints of Heavy Cream
3 cups of White Wine
8 Cloves of Garlic
1 Yellow Onion
1 Sweet Onion
8-12 Stalks of Celery 
2 pounds of Red Potatoes
1 pound of Purple Potatoes
1 cup of Vegetable Oil
10 Sprigs of Thyme
4 Sprigs of Rosemary
Salt, Pepper, and Cayenne Pepper to taste
Grated Parmesan and Bread for plating

Here's an introduction to our ingredients:

Tomorrow we'll get cooking!

2 Have Spoken.:

denise, the prime magpie said...

I think I'll be doing a salmon dinner for New Year's at home (we're such fuddies, we always stay home, plus the roads are spooky). It's such a great flavorful ingredient, and you don't need a lot of it, as a little goes quite a long way.

Adam said...

How are you going to prepare the salmon Denise? This is my favorite fish, I'm always curious to see what other choose to do with it.