A Wistful Wednesday

I've been doing a lot of and wishing and wanting and wisting lately, which is unfortunate, seeing as our Berkeley bills are already putting us in a State-of-California-esque budget crisis.

Can't stop an overactive imagination though.

For instance, I am daydreaming that I will suddenly come into a great fortune.  My first act as my rich self will be to casually offer some outrageous sum to the "current owner" of this Jen Corace piece, because I simply must have it for my collection.

Image Courtesy of Art Star

Miss Corace, hearing of this, will naturally wish to meet her mysterious admirer, and we will meet for tea to discuss children's book illustration. She'll find me utterly charming and insist upon drawing me as a 10 times more adorable person in Victorian costume, possibly entangled in a giant octopus. I'll very graciously say, "HELL YES."


As my lunch break ends, so does my day dream. But I'm still pondering scrounging for $32 to buy a calendar...

Image Courtesy of Art Star

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Diana said...

I love Jen Corace's work! I've recently come across it as a Craftland participant - she created the artwork for the marketing postcards and they are breathtaking! I kept one for myself :-)