Under the Tree: It's Science!

If you followed along as Adam and I analyzed our design tastes, you'll know that we were both inspired by interiors with a laboratory aesthetic ("lab fab," if I may). We decided to mix some chemistry-chic decor into our gothic-eclectic home. Ever since we've been searching for the perfect science paraphernalia to test out...

And what do you know- Santa's been reading my blog!

The many scientists in Adam's family tried to teach me the proper name for this type of flask, but I persist in calling them "vases." It is incredible that I passed AP Chemistry.

The frog was also hiding in my stocking. He's not real, but wriggly enough to fake it. 
I find him rather delightful, Matilda seems to find him threatening.

I can't wait to experiment with my new labware. Cruets for oil & vinegar? Dispensers for measuring out potent alcoholic concoctions? I don't know- but I'm sure they'll look smart in my china cabinet.

3 Have Spoken.:

Miss B said...

LUCKY you!!! I agree vases are a great name:) Hah! You got a frog? I got a polar bear + zebra, isn't that swell?

jaunty magpie said...

I'm blinded by this beautiful science! They would make for keen oil and vinegar holders -- it guarantees them regular use and they would show off the liquid so nicely. Brandy or scotch as well. The photo of the frog makes him look as though he's saying "Oh my!" to the vases!

Elizabeth said...

Miss B... There's no reason grown-ups shouldn't get adorable creatures (furry or in the frog's case "otherwise") for Christmas. I got some lambs too! I am quite spoiled with cuteness!

Miss Magpie... I am leaning towards oil and vinegar as well. I think I'd like to keep them clustered on my table. Perhaps a cutting in one of the smaller flasks would make for an interesting vignette?