Feeling Low

This morning Adam got on a plane to California.

He's really in hot water now. (Okay, he's actually in Berkeley)

As of this morning, I'm a 20-something living at her parents' house with a resentful cat and a rapidly deteriorating car. Don't get me wrong, parents, I love you- but it's going to be a teeny-tiny bit weird to come home to my teenage bedroom and wait for a goodnight phone call from the guy I've seen almost every day for the last four years.

My sweet Mom has planned out some excellent distractions to keep me from moping about, but for the time being I'm rather stuck in the Doldrums. I find that a bottle of wine is an excellent distraction, but unfortunately I'm at work at the moment, where that sort of thing is frowned upon.

In lieu of whine, I give you Wine Country- the incredible (and unplanned) trip that Adam and I took in October (when our belongings failed to arrive on time leaving us with two days on our hands... no, still not ready to talk about this calmly).

Miles of vines between Napa and Sonoma, 80ยบ weather, and a convertible.

The most amazing aromas of grapes and olive oil and earth all baking in the sun.

Glimpses of deer on winding country roads.

And, of course, wine tastings.

Adam, I miss you like crazy.

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