Decorating for Two: Can't Deny We Have Chemistry

"Decorating for Two" has been such an amusing (and enlightening) exploration- I've decided to make it a running feature here at Shock the Bourgeois. I'll be posting items and trends that Adam and I agree on for our shared space. Actually, I'm going to post the things we don't agree on as well, so that you can gang up on Adam in the comments and bully him into seeing things my way. Because I'm always right.

Can you believe Adam was willing to undertake this project? You know those boyfriends who, laden with purchases, patiently shadow their lady as she shops- dully offering the occasional, "yeah, you look really thin in that." Boy does Adam make them look like jerks. I asked him to participate in my favorite activity, and he didn't grumble or give me any half-assed "I dunno" replies. He engaged in design debate, gave me honest assessments, and invested a ton of time. What a catch he is.

Here's a theme that I'm mixing into our design solution in honor of Adam, the Biochemist and KitchenChemist...

Image Courtesy of AT

Image Credit Unknown

Image Courtesy of AT

Image Credit Unknown

Image Courtesy of Liz Demos, Design*Sponge

Image Credit Unknown

My hypothesis: our apartment is going to yield great happiness with the addition of these laboratory-inspired elements. We've got a good thing going, boyfriend. It's SCIENCE!

4 Have Spoken.:

Jane Flanagan said...

I love all this sciencey paraphernalia.

denise, the prime magpie said...

I have truly beeen blinded by science and the totally fab finds on this post!! I really wish I'd just waited on decorating our house and taken time to find cool ideas like these that reappropriate unique objects. I love the science theme. I'm a glass fiend, so the chemistry vessels are grand. Rows of old Depression glass or even simple milk bottles and I'm in heaven.

Adam said...

I was thinking of getting Liz this "vase".
Check out the rest of this catalog for laboratory glassware. It's not the cool distressed/corroded vintage stuff, but they have every flask, bottle, tube, bottle, buret or cylinder you could imagine.

Elizabeth said...

Denise... I'm obsessed with glassware as well. Just ask Adam- our little apartment is dominated by a massive cabinet full of it. Bottles, beakers, drinkware, apothecary jars, I love it all.

Adam... Ah! You sweet boy! Now I wish we were doing Christmas gifts!