Craig's List Christmas Wish List

One day after browsing through the bleak job postings in the Bay Area, I decided to cheer myself up with a quick dip into furniture for sale. Though nobody in California wants to employ me, they do want to sell me some excellent stuff.

First up, this gem- a Shiny Red Pharmacy Cabinet.  

No price, which signals that I should back away slowly, but my goodness, how lovely.
It reminds me of these cabinets from Mothology (and these from Restoration Hardware), which are definitely on my "someday, maybe" list.  

The Craig's List find has a much more appealing shape, but I'm not sold on the sporty finish- I prefer the raw and weathered look shown here. 
Certainly would make for a sassy liquor cabinet!

The seller of this antique Cast Iron Industrial Shelving was apparently entertaining reasonable offers- but not mine! Oh, misery! 

I hope he got his $395 asking price- what a deal.
Rotten luck that this one got away, as it would have been a great alternative to the unspeakably expensive Decker Bookshelf at Anthropologie.

The wheels make for practical kitchen storage, and it has a masculine edge and historical aura that would earn Adam's approval.

And lastly, this Wardian Plant Conservatory. Oh, my. I have a place for this in my heart, and also in a sunny corner of my Berkeley bedroom. I already have an elegant little plant mister and an orchid. Give me this, a sarcastic butler, and a British accent to match and I'm living in a Henry James novel. Yes please. Now let's have tea and feign aristocratic ennui. Yes please.

Only $250, quite a bit better than the retail price.

Sooooo... if anyone is really stumped about what to get me for Christmas this year, allow me to recommend a Craig's List gift certificate (also known as "cash").

3 Have Spoken.:

Anonymous said...

I love that pharmacy cabinet! Good luck with the job search. I know how it feels.

Anne @ The City Sage said...

oh my goodness what good finds! i never spot anything good on craigslist--you have a nose for this!

and your cb2 candleholder story broke my heart!

Elizabeth said...

twenty eight... Aww, thanks- it's rough out there, and I appreciate the support!

Anne... Oh, you just made my life. I love Craig's List, as does my apartment (which is furnished almost exclusively with CL finds!) As for the CB2 candleholders, I guess you get what you pay for, haha. They really were gorgeous while they lasted!