Thanksgiving Left-Overs

Such a busy Thanksgiving holiday!  Baking pies, watching the Dog Show, shooting guns, eating left-overs, playing with a new puppy, watching the Huskies thoroughly demoralize the Cougars, and most of all... smothering Adam with attention when he flew in for the weekend.

Move over, Faye Dunaway

Speaking of pointing and shooting: I had the special treat of borrowing my Mom's primo DSLR camera to document the events. Ugh, I'm hooked! I suppose if I abstain from coffee for let see... (I'm mathing here) ...the better part of a year, I can buy one of my own. Though I'm quite proficient with my vintage SLR, it's going to take a lot of practice to get me up to speed with this glorious technology.  So, let's go easy on the images and focus on my Mom's beautiful tablescape!

Some finds from the autumnal landscape.

A crisp fall day.

Great-Grandma's silverware shines on Crate & Barrel linens.

The feast!

Proof that I'm not the only one who leaves her Halloween decor up year round!

3 Have Spoken.:

Ann said...

Your shooting outfit is impeccable! Those shots are brilliant. :-D

denise, the prime magpie said...

haha -- love the glowing skull. I think that should be left out year-round, as it's quite a cheery color! What a yummy Thanksgiving celebration, and I love that firearms were involved. I'm not a gun freak, I just love that it gets to be in the same sentence with baked goods and cute puppies. And amen to the DSLR-envy. I'm thinking the same thing right now and keeping my eye on holiday sales to see how low they can go.

Elizabeth said...

I'll clarify that the guns were post Thanksgiving- no turkeys were harmed!

Our little shooting party was rather unplanned, hence my odd costume. The Wargacki boys seemed to enjoy it though... prissy and gun-toting is an amusing combination. Later that day I wore the same outfit bowling (and I got the same strange looks).