Matilda's Christmas List

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the Season of Giving is upon us! According to tradition, I will wait on my Christmas shopping until divine inspiration hits- probably around the 23rd, and probably about the same time panic hits.

Matilda is really on top of things- she's already prepared her Christmas list. My little kitty-girl has clearly inherited my expensive taste and love of good design:

Custom Aquarium by Tap Plastics.

I love it too (look at those gold legs!), but I haven't got the heart to tell her that she's on the naughty list this year for all of her pouting and crying (and for sticking her wicked paws into the fish tank!)

1 Have Spoken.:

Ann said...

It's beautiful!

Ivan needs to learn to keep his little paws off the counters and off the birdcage before he gets such a beautiful playtoy, too. Silly kitties. Don't they know all the fabulous stuff they could get if they behaved? :-P