Suffering from a Touch of Recession Depression

I'm thrifty. I live for the thrill of bargain hunting. I cackle gleefully as my pennies accumulate. And when I do splurge on something, I generally make up for it by trimming back on other expenses (usually the unimportant stuff, like, say... "food").  

However, as much as I pride myself on maintaining a strict budget and planning for the future, responsibility can be a pain in the ass. For example: gritting my teeth and using my tax return to supplement student loan payments instead of "stimulating the economy." Let me tell you- if I had this kind of willpower at the gym, I would be a much thinner Lizzie. *grumble*

So, in today's "doomed to wishful thinking" spirit, here's a Room Design that's also a Dare to Dream. If I decided not to pay the bills and redecorated my living room instead, it would look something like this:

Educated Decisions

Put a Vintage Twist on Storage
Antique Library Card File ($850.00, Craig's List) + Well-Traveled Steamer Trunk ($50.00, Craig's List)

Sink into Something Soft
Lovely Tufted Velvet Sofa ($400.00, Craig's List) + Sophisticated Black Velvet Pillow ($32.95, Crate & Barrel)

Help Yourself to Some Refreshments
Black Balloon Wine Glasses (6 for $29.99, Target) +  Pedestal Serving Bowl ($23.99, Target) 

Keep Things Polished with Chrome
MCM Eames "Laurel" Floor Lamp ($175.00, Craig's List) + Shining Serving Tray ($39.99, Target)

Take Notes
Salvaged "Hardware" Frame with chalkboard paint ($15.00, Craig's List) + Industrial Chic Wrought Iron Easel ($17.95, Crate & Barrel)

Achieve Studied Style

Pom Pom Chestnut Branches ($16.95 each, Crate & Barrel) + Test Tube Vase ($29.99, Target) + Black Globe ($39.95, Crate & Barrel)

Anyone want to give my living room a $2,000 bail-out?

3 Have Spoken.:

Jess said...

Using extra money for a loan payment (car, in my case. Stupid car.) makes me feel so hopelessly adult. Its a pretty strange feeling.

And I would kill for a card catalog. They're so freaking USEFUL!

nicolette said...

Well, if this is your current collection, I don't think it needs much bailout to be honest.


ShockTheBourgeois said...

Nicolette: Alas, this collection is imaginary. Keep reading though, I hereby promise to post pictures of my real living room sometime soon...