Fixer: Window Pain

There's nothing better than wandering through a hardware store or the "Materials" section of Craig's List.  I can hardly stop myself from skipping down the isles (or from post to post), filling my basket with shiny stuff.  Show me a handy doodad, a barrel of nails, a bucket of paint... my little DIY heart starts beating wildly and visions of home improvements dance in my brain.  I'll make this!  I'll fix that!!  

I get that this is abnormal, and that some of the projects that I dream up (and feature here) are a little far-fetched for the more casual do-it-yourselfer.  What, you don't enjoy painstakingly sanding and priming large pieces of furniture?

Today, a project that you could accomplish in just a few hours.  If you want to follow along, go pick up your own fixer...

A not-so salvageable $10 window.  No, that's not frosted glass, it's just filthy.

This clearly needs our help.  Come back tomorrow and I'll show you not one, not two, but three ways to make it shine!

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