Dare to Dream: Love, Naturally

Today, a little exploration in self-decoration.  I received an excellent tip on the work of NY jewelry designer Gabriella Kiss, and well... obsession ensued.  

I like the organic look of her cabochon pendants and rings, with sharp, toothy points on the settings.  
That lustrous, pale gold is so beautiful against skin (even for those as pasty as me!)

I love these contrasting pins as a pair- like a still-life for your lapel.  
The necklace is a bit Cleopatra for day-to-day wear, but with a slinky dress...?  Tempting.

These Snake hoops with diamond eyes and green sapphire briolettes?  
Love at firsssst sssssight.  Ssssubtle, shhhapely, gorgeousssss.

Kiss's background in sculpture is obvious in her Silver Femur Bracelet, also available in gold.  
Hmmmm.  Would a stack of three be bad juju?  I think not.

The simple vessels on the left are cute, but the Clipper Ship Earrings really float my boat.
I'm notta nautical girl, but these are just incredible- the black horn sails, the frothy waves!

If anyone has more information on Gabriella Kiss or her work... do share.  Miss Kiss was recently featured in InStyle, but she's a mysterious woman.  Gabriella!  A website!  Please!

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Becca said...

I love the ship earrings - they remind me of my viking heritage! Her stuff really is amazing, and so *different* from a lot of other jewelry designers' current work.

And is it bad when I read "bad juju" that I immediately thought of crazy John from the coffee shop? Because I totally did.